Some of the Advantages for Employer

  • Lowers the cost to insure retired Employees
  • Seniors are biggest users of health Insurance
  • Reduces claims on the group plan
  • Reduces Average age of Employees
  • Lowers medical cost of whole workforce
  • Lowers health insurance taxes

Some of the Advantages for Retiree

  • Lowers the cost of Insurance
  • Lowers out of pocket costs
  • Guarantee Issue
  • Will never be dropped
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • No Networks

Helping Medicare work for Employers

We Feel that this is a win-win for the business and the retiree both will have huge improvements to their benefits. We are not asking or suggesting that you cancel the insurance of your retired employees what we are suggesting is that you offer another option that is more beneficial for you and many retiree. What many employers who participate in this program do is they contribute a set amount typically around $150 to $200 per person. If the retiree chooses to participate he/she will be billed the balance of the premium in many cases that could be as from $0-$100 depending on the employer contribution. The best part is that we will go over the options with the retiree and explain all these options. our goal is to make sure they understand all options and will only recommend the one that is truly best for them.

Medicare Facts:

  • More than 9 in 10 still accept new Medicare patients
  • 96 percent of seniors say they have access to care in a doctor’s office or clinic
  • 99 percent of general surgeons and 98 percent of orthopedic surgeons take new Medicare patients
  • With a Medicare Supplement plan there are No Networks and its as accepted as a much as all Private Insurance Plans combined.
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